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Are You Taking Multiple Medications Safely?

Many older adults in Pensacola, FL and the surrounding communities use a variety of prescription and nonprescription medications. These medications may be quite effective when taken alone, but not so good when taken in combination with other drugs. Drug interactions may be impacting a patient’s overall health and well-being. That’s why Dr. Maguchi not only does a comprehensive review and assessment of the patient’s current health status, she provides a thorough evaluation of their medications. This helps her identify any medication-related problems that may be affecting your symptoms or quality of life.

If you or someone close to you is using a combination of prescription or non-prescription medications, herbal or other dietary supplements, you will likely benefit from Dr. Megumi Maguchi’s medication assessment and ongoing management. If you are experiencing any unusual symptoms, a review of your medications and supplements is definitely in order. Patients and practitioners can easily overlook drug interactions as a possible cause of symptoms.

Medication management is an extremely important service, which Dr. Maguchi provides for all of her patients who use prescription and non-prescription drugs of any kind. Make sure you or your loved ones are taking medications properly and safely by sharing your concerns with Dr. Maguchi.

Make sure you are taking medications safely and correctly. Call  Advanced Geriatrics & Primary Care at 850.912.8020, or use our convenient Request an Appointment form.

Clinic Monthly News

My Dear Patients,  

Just some thoughts I wanted to share with you this month.


1: LET THEM SPEAK… Because their past is a treasure full of truth, beauty and goodness.

2: LET THEM WIN… In the arguments of daily living, because they need to feel confident of themselves.


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