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Comprehensive care begins with a comprehensive evaluation. Dr. Megumi Maguchi focuses on testing and treating the entire patient – body, mind and spirit – with the goal of achieving wellness. Our services cover the full scope of outpatient geriatric and primary care, including:

When appropriate, we include the patient’s family and friends in our evaluations. Family involvement helps give Dr. M. Maguchi the complete picture of the patient’s life, plus added support for the patient. If the patient’s “family “ is out-of-state, Dr. Maguchi provides family conference calls – especially when dementia is involved – to ensure that all family members are informed about the patient’s progress.  

Thorough testing & updates from Harvard Medical School

At Advanced Geriatrics & Primary Care, every evaluation includes three very thorough tests:

  • Memory test
  • General physical exam
  • Balance & gait assessments

Being the only geriatric fellowship-trained physician in Pensacola, FL gives Dr. Maguchi the added expertise needed to care for elderly patients. Because she trained at Harvard Medical School, she also receives continuous updates about techniques and treatments, plus teaching and educational material to help benefit her patients.

When you need comprehensive care and preventive medicine in Pensacola, FL, call Advanced Geriatrics & Primary Care at 850.912.8020, or use our convenient Request an Appointment form.


Clinic Monthly News

My Dear Patients,  

Just some thoughts I wanted to share with you this month.


1: LET THEM SPEAK… Because their past is a treasure full of truth, beauty and goodness.

2: LET THEM WIN… In the arguments of daily living, because they need to feel confident of themselves.


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